04-23 Should Have Ran
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04-23 Should Have Ran

Wed, 13th Nov, 2019

BMR on Wed, 13th Nov, 2019

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And here we have a bit of a hint as to what sort of man Joakim will grow up to be. You know what takes guts? Going up against certain death when you know you're a weakling, where you know there is literally nothing you can do against it. Yet you go up against it, back straight and tall, eyes unwavering, a clear voice and, to quote David Gemmell (one of my favorite authors), the look of eagles about you.

So, not to rag on other writers, but there was this bit in Marvel comics that I rather disliked. I think it was... Hercules? Maybe Thor? Who said that when the gods wanted to see the true measure of bravery, they would look to Captain America. Now, I like Cap as a character, but he's supposed to be the ultimate symbol of bravery in the universe? A fully trained soldier, with decades of combat experience, nearly superhuman physical abilities, and the skill to go toe-to-toe with superpowered characters? Sure, fans of Cap will say something along the lines of, "Oh, well, he's still just human, so he's brave to go against cosmic threats." To that, I say, have you read that news story about that little girl who saved her younger brother from a gunman by placing herself between the baby and the shooter? Or that young boy who stood up to his father when he was beating the child's mother? There are dozens of similar stories. That's bravery right there. Being weak, literally unable to fight back to change anything, yet doing what needs to be done. Don't get me wrong, Cap is a brave character, no doubt. He fights against things way above his weight class all the time. But the ultimate, be-all-end-all symbol of bravery? No, I really don't think so.

And that's the sort of bravery that I love reading about in stories. Like Frodo, a halfling completely unsuited to fighting yet going on a quest to save the entire world. Now, I'm not saying that Frode is like that, but I do want to show him at least trying to grow into someone like that. Remember, just a couple chapters back, he was still running away from everyone he saw. He may not be brave yet, but I want to show that he has it in him to one day overcome that.

But... I'm rambling, heh.

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HiFranc on Wed, 13th Nov, 2019

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Agree with you on bravery.

I can’t wait until he sees that Anna survived and that the prince is under the protection of her father.

Thracecius on Wed, 13th Nov, 2019

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I agree with your assessment of Captain America, and while he's one of my favorite Marvel characters (I only know the MCU version played by Chris Evans and the older movie with John Wesley Shipp), and probably has the strongest moral compass out of the Avengers, etc., he's not my idol or anything; Hawkeye and Black Widow are more "human" than Cap, relying on skill mostly.

This scene can go a few different ways, but I'd be most impressed if Joakim maneuvers his assassin into revealing the identity of his employer.

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