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Wed, 11th Dec, 2019

BMR on Wed, 11th Dec, 2019

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And next, ogres! No, I'm not going the Shrek route with ogres. In the original mythology, they were rather large creatures, typically cannibalistic in their eating of humans. I did go with the large part, but I have left out the cannibalistic bit. I went instead with the gentle-giant sort of thing, where they're rather large, amazingly strong, and generally of below-average intelligence, but quite content to live and let live so long as you don't bother them. Thus far, we've only seen the one ogre, and that's on the same page that we saw Hugleikr. This is the first time we get a name for him, as well as the reveal that he's Serdar and Deryn's adopted son. For those who don't read the hiatus pages, don't worry! This will be revealed in-comic as well later on. Though... I suppose I didn't really need to mention that, as if you don't read these hiatus pages, then you won't even be reading this.


So why am I still explaining...

Ok. I'll shut up about that now.

Back to ogres. I somewhat imagine them as typically living in small nomadic family groups, herding their animals here and there. At most, they might have a few permanent settlements, but these would be few and far between. They wouldn't quite be hunter gatherers, but I do definitely intend for them to be nomadic. Will we see an ogre group some time in the future? Maybe. We'll see.

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