05-05 Thunk
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05-05 Thunk

Fri, 20th Dec, 2019

BMR on Fri, 20th Dec, 2019

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Twelve-years old, faced with a real life-or-death situation for the first time, thrown off a bloody cliff, came within a hair's breadth of getting killed, of course she's perfectly fine. None of that would ever have an effect on a person's mental well-being. She's fine, we're all fine.

On a more serious note, that's something that I liked about Steven Universe and Adventure Time. After some seriously traumatizing events, they did actually spend some time showing how the characters, both of whom were children, did their best to deal with the events. Stuff like that is definitely going to leave a mark on you, no matter how badass you are.

I particularly like how Steven Universe dedicated an entire episode to it (Mindful Education) as well as showing how it was possible to overcome it. Of course, the trauma was perhaps overcome unreasonably fast, but that is partially a limitation of the format, with only around 11 minutes to tell the episode's story.

So our little Anna here? Definitely on her mind. But she's also definitely going to do her best to not let it show. Perhaps just letting it stew inside, never really acknowledging it. Or perhaps we'll have a sweet and touching moment where she opens up about things and everything turns out ok. Who knows? We'll have to wait and see.

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