05-14 No Rock
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05-14 No Rock

Thu, 2nd Jan, 2020

BMR on Thu, 2nd Jan, 2020

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It must also be equally heartwrenching to know that there's one thing you can do better than everyone else, but even that won't help your child. Though, granted, in Rainard's case it's killing people which might not quite have the same parallels in real life, but my point stands.

Also, Rainard raises a good point. He may be good, but he's not infallible. I'd imagine that a lot of the stories about him have rather grown in the retelling. Where he might have once simply waited for months outside a fortress for the guard captain to leave the safety of the keep to take a leak by a tree before killing him, the story may have gotten embellished by others as they retold it over a few dozen ales, so much so that it wound up with him offing a king who was on the fiftieth floor of a tower that was guarded by dozens of steel golems with only the single spiral staircase going up (and he got in by scaling the walls, no less!) and so on.

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Thracecius on Fri, 3rd Jan, 2020

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I find that the comments Michael Weston makes during his internal thoughts and narration in the TV show "Burn Notice" to be quite instructive. One that comes to mind immediately is his comments on commandos being super soldiers, when really it often comes down to having the element of surprise. Sure, they are highly trained soldiers, but they're just as dead with a bullet to the head as anyone else would be. Planning and luck might ruin the "mystique", but it's closer to the truth. ;)

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