05-21 Muffins
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05-21 Muffins

Mon, 13th Jan, 2020

BMR on Mon, 13th Jan, 2020

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So, first off, yes, I know that muffins are anachronistic to the setting. We'll just go with, "a wizard did it". Muffins, as we know them, didn't come around until like the 19th century. Sure, there were similar cake-like pastries from the 1700s, but they weren't quite cupcake-shaped. Still, it's a minor enough point that I'm quite willing to bend history just a teensy amount, heh.

Also, I'm not sure I'm 100% sold on Prokopy's font yet. It should make it seem like the way he talks has a childish feel to it, something I tried to hint at further with the wobbly lines of his bubbles. Also further hinted at with the lack of capitalization, and the spelling of Gül's name. Not quite sure how well it worked though.

Also also, I just realized I have a saturation problem with those lines. That'll need some fixing in subsequent renders.

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