05-02 So Young
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05-02 So Young

Tue, 25th Feb, 2020

BMR on Tue, 25th Feb, 2020

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And so we begin. Unfortunately, we might all have to get a bit used to brown, as we're in for a rather long flashback here.

Something I thought I'd mention, that image of a horse in the third panel? With a dude standing next to it? No, I didn't mess up the scales on those two. Was actually rather surprised myself, draft horses are huge!

Also, completely unrelated, but this week's vote incentive is the Master's very first model, from waaaay back in 2017, when I was still planning things out. Some elements remained, a bunch more changed, and the design morphed over time to where we are now. But if you want a look at how he started, head on over! :)

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