02-10 Horrible Vile Lich
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02-10 Horrible Vile Lich

Fri, 28th Jun, 2019

BMR on Fri, 28th Jun, 2019

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Originally, that image of the Master was supposed to be him conjuring up kittens. But then, I decided that him with a flower in his teeth and strutting would be funnier. That, and kittens are hard to model... Well, granted, some other stuff here has been quite tricky to model, the Master alone is quite a piece of work, but I couldn't really justify spending that much time modeling a kitten when it's not something that's going to be used ever again. I suppose that's one of the advantages of 2D, for a one-off joke like that, drawing a kitten wouldn't be too tough. But 3D? First the sculpt, then retopo, tweaking that, rigging, fixing materials, etc... Not worth the time for a single panel.

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