02-19 Babysitting Job
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02-19 Babysitting Job

Thu, 11th Jul, 2019

BMR on Thu, 11th Jul, 2019

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A ghostly, spectral, head pat. Probably says a lot about them that no one is really fazed by it. So now we get to see more of Pagat Or!

On a side note, the Master mentions that as he specializes in necromancy, he can't really affect snow. That's because necromancy is all about manipulating the life force of living things, or injecting it into things that were once alive, like corpses. The comic will go into more detail in the future, but for now suffice to say that liches are powerless against Frosty the Snowman.

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HiFranc on Sat, 13th Jul, 2019

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And I’m guessing that Deryn can’t do it because they can’t carry enough food to get far (assuming that using magic is like using muscles).

BMR on Sun, 14th Jul, 2019

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Yeah, and also as Anna mentions later, the village houses the top brass of the Master's army. So, magic for death and destruction? Sure. For moving literally tons of snow? Not so much. Well, I mean, I guess some of the more explodey sorts of mages could melt away the snow with a bunch of fireballs, but that'll probably introduce more problems than it'll solve, heh.

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