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Months and Days

Fri, 2nd Aug, 2019

BMR on Fri, 2nd Aug, 2019

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So yeah, an eighteen-month year, with twenty days per month. It's not really vital to the understanding of the story, though characters will at times make reference to dates or months, but shouldn't really impact your understanding of things. Still nice to know though.

Ah, and I figured it should be pretty clear in the picture which months are part of which seasons, but just in case, Araswen is the first month of spring, going clockwise to summer in orange, autumn in red, and winter in blue.

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...(RockB) on Sat, 3rd Aug, 2019

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So I guess, light-blue is winter, green is spring, orange is summer, red is fall. Hmm... the colors follow a spectral order...

BMR on Sat, 3rd Aug, 2019

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Yup, spot on :)

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